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Coffee Blends

Breakfast Blend* 
This remarkable blend offers the best of all worlds.  With powerful flavor, full finish, and hearty aroma,   it’s the perfect way to start the day off right!

Café Blend*   
Our signature blend.  A great, full body with slightly heavier texture and deep, dark brown color.  You’ll recognize it by its full, sweet aroma. 

Classic Blend
   Its enticing, highly memorable aroma proves irresistible to many. It comes from the perfect blend of Central, and South American coffees, which are roasted to the lighter side of a medium roast, bringing out a surprising complexity and brightness with a lingering after taste.

French Roast Blend*   
A traditional French Roast blend roasted slightly lighter, resulting in a coffee with a rich, smokey taste and a semi-sweet finish.  

House Blend*   
Always a favorite!  Its enticing, highly memorable aroma proves irresistible to many. The medium roast, brings out a nutty sweetness with a delightful lingering aftertaste.

La Favorita Blend*   
“The Favorite” is a blend of high grown Central and South American coffees. The result is a great coffee with a robust aroma, smooth texture and an extra "Caffeine Kick".  For many La Favorita has lived up to it's name and become their  "Favorite".

Moka Java Blend
Coffees from Indonesian  are blended with beans from Ethiopia to offer our organic interpretation of one of the first blended coffees. Sweet tropical fruit mingles in the cup with hints of spice and floral tones. Crisp, balanced acidity gives this coffee a clean, but balanced cup.

Espresso Blend / El Toro Blend*   
This rich, invigorating roast produces outstanding espresso beverages as well as French press and drip coffee. It’s extremely tasty with a caramelly-sweet, faintly spicy flavor and thick golden brown Crema!

All  blends denoted with an * are available decaffeinated- 

Our mission is to offer a variety of exceptional, fresh roasted coffees. Our coffee doesn’t sit on shelves, or in bins.
Your coffee is roasted fresh when you place your order.
We invite you to taste the
“Fresh Roasted” Difference!