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Single Origin Coffees

Brazil- Serra Negra*
This is a great high quality Brazil it has a  soft, nutty and nice bittersweet chocolate taste with low acid. Truly a smoooth cup of coffee!

    This African coffee contains a complex blend of chocolate, brown sugar, citrus with bright acidity and a  floral citrus finish.

Smooth, yet utterly complex, dark, robust and rich. Colombian coffee is justly renowned for its incredible coffee flavor, truly one of the finest!  

This African coffee has a wonderful balance of citrus acidity of grape juice, citrus lemon and  plum in the cup.

Costa Rica- Cafe Vida
Cafe Vida is a sweet flavorful Central American coffee with dry acidity and a malty, fruity finish.  

El Salvador
This Central American coffee tastes of nutty caramel, almonds and subtle cocoa with balanced citric acidity and sweetness.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
This African coffee has a smooth soft mouth feel, with fruity berry and some nuttiness with a hint of sweet ripe cherry.

Guatemala Antigua*   
Guatemala coffee has great aroma and a full, yet mellow body with a deep, bittersweet coffee flavor. This is a wonderfully balanced cup of coffee.

This is a full-bodied, bright coffee that is complex and has some interesting citrus flavor, sometimes alternating with wine and spice.

The aroma is rich, deeply dimensioned, and slightly crisp with citrus notes. This is an excellent breakfast cup of coffee, rich and smooth.

Nicaragua- Angelina Estate   
A clean, hearty taste that is rich and bold, full of dark chocolate notes with a sharp, distinctive finish.  This is a true coffee lover’s delight!  

Papua New Guinea
Citric with chocolate tones best describes this Indonesian coffee that leave's a wonderful lingering herbal aftertaste.

Puerto Rico- San Pedro Direct Import
Café Hacienda San Pedro Possesses a taste so Rich and Seductive, so velvety and smooth that it surprises the palate. Its classic aroma is semi-sweet and caramel-like with a delicate chocolaty aftertaste and spicy Overtones.  Visit Hacienda San Pedro  www.cafehsp.com 

Puerto Rico- San Pedro-Peaberry Direct Import
The Peaberry bean is a malformation of the grain where only one grain grows instead of two. The harvest and preparation of the Peaberry bean is more rigorous, therefore the bean is more sublime. When served, the coffee has more body in the cup with a sweet chocolate flavor.  Visit Hacienda San Pedro  www.cafehsp.com 

A delicate cocoa-like finish makes an exotic treat!  The flavors are richly low-toned, chocolaty and caramel with a deep, earthy aroma.

Tanzania Peaberry
This African coffee is rich, with a creamy body, and a hint of tropical fruit, raisin and complex acidity. The Peaberry bean is a malformation of the grain where only one grain grows instead of two.   

-All  blends denoted with an * are available decaffeinated- 

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